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Sexual Desire and Pleasure Enhancing Procedures

Clitoral Hudoplasty

When there is excessive skin fold around the clitoris, the clitoris appears wide and irregular, and it becomes difficult for the woman to be stimulated during sexual intercourse and to have an orgasm. Clitoral hudoplasty is a procedure performed to be more stimulated during sexual intercourse and to have a more aesthetic appearance by removing excess skin folds around the clitoris. The operation can be performed together with large and small lip aesthetic surgery. After the procedure, more sexual pleasure is felt as a result of more frequent and intense clitoral stimulation. G-SHOT (Orgasm Vaccine)

G spot can be enlarged 2-4 times with hyaluronic acid filler or fat injection. In this way, both sexual intercourse is much more satisfying and orgasm function is facilitated.

It has been shown to increase vaginal orgasm and libido in women undergoing this procedure.

O-SHOT (Orgasm Vaccine)

O-shot is the genital PRP application applied to orgasm points. It is aimed to increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm by injecting PRP into the sensitive sexual pleasure points in the clitoris and vagina.

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