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What is perineoplasty?

Perineum is the area between the vagina and the anus, consisting of skin, subcutaneous connective tissue and muscle tissue. As the number of normal births increases and age progresses, the tightness of the tissues in the vagina is lost and becomes more flexible and wider than before. This leads to situations such as less pleasure from the relationship between the couples and the inability of the partners to feel each other. This situation results in unhappy and unsatisfied relationships in terms of sexual functions.

Perineal aesthetic operations called perineplasty are mostly performed to correct the scars of birth sutures. Poor healing of postpartum episiotomy stitches, opening of stitches, inflammation, or poor healing of perineal tears that heal spontaneously without stitches lead to aesthetically visible problems in the perineum. These aesthetic problems do not occur only with birth. Structural anatomical disorders and improper healing of the wound after bartholin's cyst surgery also cause aesthetic problems. In addition to this operation, it can be performed together with other genital aesthetic operations such as vaginoplasty (vaginal narrowing) and labiaplasty (small lip aesthetics) according to the patient's request.


Depending on the duration of sedation or simultaneous operations in the operating room environment, a tissue similar to a lozenge is removed from the perineum area with spinal anesthesia, which is called general or colloquially waist numbness, and is aesthetically restored again.

Thanks to this operation, the vaginal entrance is narrowed and people get more pleasure from intercourse. The clitoris may become more excitable. A more aesthetically pleasing appearance is obtained.

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