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Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair)

Hymen erection istanbul

The hymen suture has a thin mucosal structure that closes the istanbul vaginal entrance. It is located within 1.5-2 cm of the vagina. The medical name of the hymen is known as hymen. Hymen comes from Hymenaios, the god of marriage in ancient Greek mythology. The only detected task of the hymen is to close the vaginal entrance and protect the body from genital infection until puberty. It is seen as a symbol of virginity in many societies.

What is the hymen?

The hymen, also known as the hymen, is located within 1.5-2 cm of the vagina. There is a hole in the hymen large enough to allow menstrual blood to come out. The size of the hole varies from person to person. The hole may be small or flexible. It has a curtain-like appearance and has a hole in the middle for menstrual bleeding. If the middle hole of the hymen is closed, it may be necessary to open the hole with a surgical operation, since menstrual blood cannot come out and cause pain in the vagina.

Where is the hymen?

The hymen is 1.5-2 cm inside the entrance of the vagina in the genital area. It is possible to observe between the labia minora, that is, the small lips.

Types of hymen

It varies according to the shape of the hole in the middle of the hymen. According to the shape of the hole in the middle, the types of hymen are as follows:

  • Annular hymen: The hole in the middle of the membrane is round in shape. It is popularly known as the flexible membrane. Since it has an elastic structure, bleeding may be less, and in some people, bleeding may not occur at all. Its incidence is more than 60%.
  • Septa hymen: It is an intermediate piece of tissue belonging to the membrane that divides the space in the middle of the hymen. Since it has a thick structure, intercourse can be painful. Its incidence is between 2-5%.
  • Crecentric hymen: The shape of the membrane is like a half-moon appearance. Relationship can be painful. Surgery may be required.
  • Cribriform hymen: Instead of a single hole in the middle, there are many tiny holes. Because of this structure, it may be necessary to remove the membrane by surgical operation, since intercourse cannot be entered in any way.
  • Denticular hymen: The part facing the cavity in this rare hymen is serrated like a saw.
  • Fimbrial hymen: It is the condition where the middle hole of the hymen is excessively indented. Rarely, there may be strain during intercourse. If the membrane has a vascular structure, pain and excessive bleeding may occur during intercourse.
  • Labial hymen: It is the situation where the middle hole is almost completely closed. It is not possible to have a relationship or it is forced to enter into a relationship. If the complaint of pain continues, it may be necessary to intervene in the membrane.
  • Imperforated hymen: In this type of hymen, the hymen is not anatomically developed or there is no gap in the middle and the entrance to the vagina is completely closed. Since the blood does not flow out in our young girls who start to menstruate, it can accumulate and cause extreme pain. In such a case, the membrane is removed by surgical operation and the accumulated blood is drained.

What does the hymen mean behind?

Although the hymen is usually located within 1.5-2 cm of the genital area, in some women, especially in overweight people, the hymen can be 3-4 cm inside. Having the membrane in this way is called the hymen behind.

Is the hymen visible to the naked eye?

It is not possible for a person to see his own hymen with a mirror. Having anatomical knowledge about the genital area and detecting the mucosal structure of the hymen in the correct position requires knowledge and experience.

To see visually, it is examined in the supine position with the legs raised up. The small lips are parted and the membrane is seen and its structure is determined by pushing the patient.

If how many cm is entered into the hymen, it will break?

The question of how much the hymen is inside is one of the questions that our young girls wonder. The hymen is located 1.5-2 cm from the entrance of the vagina. Sometimes it can be 2-3 cm inside our overweight women.

Whether the hymen will be damaged by the penis or any other object depends on the structure of the hymen. For example, when the annular hymen is inserted 1.5-2 cm from the vaginal entrance, the hymen is broken.

Does everyone have a hymen?

The hymen is a must have in every woman. It has a mucosal structure and is located at the entrance of the vagina. Even if it seems as if it does not exist, every woman has a thin structure. There may not be a hole in the middle, in such cases, an opening is created with a small cut in the membrane and it is expected to rupture and bleed.

The most common reasons for applying for hymen repair

  • I have a wedding soon and I wonder how is the structure of my hymen? What if there is no bleeding?
  • We just got married, didn't bleed on the first night? I've never been in a relationship with anyone before? Why didn't I bleed?
  • We had intercourse but there was no bleeding. I wonder if we couldn't have intercourse completely or was there no bleeding due to the structure of my hymen?
  • After being together only by friction, when I went to the toilet I saw blood on my underwear, is my hymen broken?
  • I accidentally got my finger in while I was masturbating. I wonder if my hymen is broken?
  • When I was 11 years old, when I was riding a bike, I felt pain in my vagina area and then I saw a drop of blood on my underwear. I wonder if my hymen is broken?
  • I had intercourse without removing the underwear and after two hours there was spotting. I wonder if my hymen is broken?

Types of hymen planting

The hymen planting can be done in two ways as permanent hymen planting and temporary hymen planting according to preference.

When the temporary hymen is seen as an urgency among the public, it can usually be done a short time before the wedding (2-6 days). This method, which will have sexual intercourse in a few days, is preferred.

Permanent hymen repair (flap method) is the choice of those who do not plan to have sexual intercourse in a short time. If there is no hymen residue, the flap method is preferred. In this method, a piece is taken from the vagina and the membrane is reconstructed by surgical operation to ensure its permanence. Local or general anesthesia method is preferred and the procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. No dressing is required after the procedure. There is no pain after the operation, only a feeling of tension in the area is normal.

Does the hymen bleed 100% after hymen repair?

If the hymen is sewn by an experienced specialist obstetrician, there will be 100% bleeding after intercourse.

What color is hymen bleeding?

When the hymen bleeds, the color of the blood is slightly light red and pink.

How is the rupture of the hymen?

The integrity of the hymen suture can be disrupted by inserting a penis, finger or foreign body into the vagina. At this stage, the hymen planting price may tear from more than one place and cause bleeding. If sexual intercourse is continued, bleeding may continue from the places where the structure of the hymen is disturbed. Due to the differences in the structure of the hymen between individuals, sometimes there may be no bleeding from the hymen. The type of hymen, its vascular structure, thickness, elasticity, or the form of the first sexual intercourse affect the amount of bleeding.

The hymen can be torn during sexual intercourse, insertion of an object into the vagina, during masturbation or as a result of falling and hitting. Sometimes it has been seen to rupture even during childbirth. Tearing varies from person to person, depending on the structure of the membrane. In cases where the penis is not very hard, the hymen may not rupture.

The bleeding that occurs when the hymen is ruptured stops in a short time and there is no more bleeding.

In normal relationships, the hymen is expected to rupture and bleed. If it is flexible, there will be no tearing even if the penis enters, as the hole may enlarge.

Can it be understood that it was sewn by the person who had intercourse after the hymen was planted?

It is impossible for the person who has intercourse after the hymen implantation to understand. It can only be detected by an obstetrician or forensic specialist.

When does bleeding stop after the first sexual intercourse?

Bleeding after the first sexual intercourse sometimes stops within half an hour, sometimes within 2-3 minutes. However, sometimes if the bleeding is too much or lasts more than 1-2 days, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist obstetrician.

Hymen examination istanbul

Hymen examination istanbul is a test to reveal whether the hymen is damaged after any event. It is also known as hymen examination, hymen test, hymen examination, also known as virginity test. Patients who apply for a hymen examination can often be anxious. It is a psychological burden for the woman to prove that she is not spoiled because of the pressure that is accepted as a symbol of virginity in our society and that she must bleed on the first night.

In the hymen examination, the patient is placed on the gynecological table and the hymen is observed by parting the labia minora. If the hymen is deep, the woman is asked to push to see it. No pain or pain is felt during the examination.

Who does the hymen examination?

The person cannot see the hymen examination by looking in the mirror or groping, and it cannot be detected without being examined by the obstetrician. The person may also damage the hymen that has not been accidentally torn while checking it himself. Therefore, the hymen examination should be done by a gynecologist.

The doctor who performs the examination of the hymen is experienced. The types of hymen that vary from person to person can also be seen easily after this examination. Especially, women with septal hymen (divided hymen) structure may also experience sexual intercourse with their spouses.

The examination of the hymen should be done by an experienced gynecologist.

To whom can the hymen repair be performed?

The hymen can be planted for all women over the age of 18. Being married or single is not a problem for hymen planting. Hymen implantation can also be applied to people who have had a previous abortion or childbirth. Even vaginal aesthetics, which has attracted great attention recently, can be applied to the hymen.

For whom is the hymen repair not performed?

It cannot be done to persons under the age of 18, which is the legal age limit. If there is an infection in the genital area, the hymen repair is postponed until after the healing process. After the appropriate treatment, as a result of the healing of the infection, the hymen can be planted. If a blood thinner drug is used, the hymen repair is postponed to a later date when the drug is released from the body.

Price of hymen planting 2022

The price of the hymen transplant in Istanbul differs according to the treatment applied and the products used. After the examination, the price of hymen repair in Istanbul is determined according to the rupture of the membrane and the width of the vagina.

How much is the hymen repair?

Price is determined by planting the hymen, the structure and width of the membrane and the anesthesia method applied. The knowledge and experience of the doctor who will perform the hymen repair and the appropriate clinical environment are important. It is also of great importance to have all the surgical technical equipment that may be needed in a sterile environment in accordance with the hygiene rules of the clinic.

He says that after the hymen repair, our patients almost got rid of social pressure and their psychology improved and they started life again.

It would not be wrong to say that hymen repair is not only a surgical procedure, but also provides psychological therapy to people experiencing anxiety.

Can you get pregnant without breaking the hymen?

Even though it is not a common situation, it is possible to get pregnant if the sperm comes into contact with the vaginal area before the penis enters the vagina during sexual intercourse.

How long does hymen repair take?

In hymen repair, if temporary hymen is requested, it takes 10 minutes, if permanent hymen repair is desired, the procedure takes 30 minutes at most. When we consider the inspection and preparation stages, all processes are completed in a total of 1 hour. Due to the melting feature of the seams during sewing, there is no process such as stitch removal afterward.

How to repair the hymen?

Hymen repair can be performed after the hymen is torn. Due to the pressures in societies, the hymen still has psychological importance. For this reason, it should definitely be done by an experienced gynecologist in hymenoplasty.

Can the hymen heal spontaneously after its rupture?

After the hymen is damaged after intercourse, it is not possible to heal spontaneously or with medication (cream, etc.).

Can abortion be performed without breaking the hymen?

If the patient's hymen has an elastic structure and the hymen is not obstructed when the instruments enter the vagina, an abortion can be performed by an experienced obstetrician without damaging the hymen.

Sociological effect of the hymen

The hymen represents virginity and purity in women in most societies. In places where sexual intercourse is prohibited before marriage, the importance of virginity is quite high. It is planned to plant the hymen due to the idea of ​​regret after sexual intercourse, forced intercourse, getting rid of this event after sexual harassment and rape, being protected from death threats or leaving the family clean.

According to studies, almost 44% of women who have had their first sexual intercourse do not have hymen bleeding.

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